Features of Self-help Subliminals

This page lists the features of Self-help Subliminals and explains how it will be useful to you. You will discover by our program is the best and why it will always be the best.

Features of your software

  1. You can display your own messages and pictures on your computer screen.
  2. You can write your own messages or select from a large range of those included with the program.
  3. You decide the timings of the messages and where the messages appear.
  4. You can change the colour of the text and the position where it appears.
  5. You can make the program start every time you use your computer.
  6. An instant On/Off button makes it discreet to use.
  7. You currently get free upgrades of the program.
  8. You receive new categories for free as they are developed.
  9. You get free technical support.
  10. You can try the software for free and buy it instantly online for ONLY $40 US Dollars (or £25 UK pounds Sterling).

With your software you can slow down the messages and confirm to yourself that only your messages are being displayed. Unlike many audio-tapes, we do not make you listen to adverts for ourselves and you are 100 per cent sure that your personalised messages are being sent to your brain.

Also, your software will cover as many topics as you can think of. Instead of buying one tape per topic, just write another topic in to Self-help Subliminals and it is ready for use.

Tachistoscope software

A potential use of our software is to use it as Tachistoscope software.

Dr Samuel Renshaw invented a device during World War 2 to flash photographs of enemy battleships and aircraft on a screen at speeds of 1/100 of a second. Its purpose was to help train naval aviators, gunners and spotters to be able to tell if what they where looking at was a "Friend or Foe" many times faster and with a much higher degree of accuracy at long distances. It was called the Renshaw Recognition System. Self-help Subliminals can flash pictures on your computer screen as varying speeds and so allow you to slowly increase your ability to recognise shapes.

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This screen explains in great detail how to download and install Self-help Subliminals.

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